Our story

Daring to be different.

Why it all began

For the love of flavour

At a time where innovation had lapsed our palates couldn’t take it, we wanted more flavour, we wanted new flavour and quite frankly we wanted what no one else had.¬†Our only option to satisfy this craving was to create and begin to push the existing boundaries on flavour in e-liquids.

Collaborating with professional flavorists we created a brief with action to create something new, bold and complex for vapers. The Boring Vape Co challenges the definition of boring; daring to go where others won’t, concentrating on the niches in the industry and straying away from following market trends in order to create them.

How it all began

Innovation over imitation

Teaming up with industry leaders we set out to understand flavour to a whole new level. Building on scientific research we developed a process that gave us the competitive edge becoming experts in our field. Isolating flavour notes and compound structures we began to understand in depth what was the true meaning of flavour. Similar to music you can depict each note but understanding how they complement each other in their composition will define your understanding.

After months of development in the lab we were able to really home in on what was important when creating e-liquids: identify, quantify, analyse and evolve all in the name flavour. Each liquid has been critically balanced to ensure a smooth consistent vapour which will provide big flavour without the sacrifice on coil life. All products from TBVC are lab tested to ensure quality and consistency with a products that is safe for consumers.